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World debut:
The first automatable, foldable outdoor
blackout system.

The Future of Outdoor Growing

Our break through product at plantalab is Sundep, the patented automatable outdoor light deprivation system.

With Sundep our mission was to save time, money and the headaches of growing, with the goal to get back all costs already after the first run! After years of development and testing, we have proven that this is possible by drastically improving the harvest quality and at the same time increasing the harvest outcome by multiples. With more than three possible runs per year, full flexibility to the environment and conditions and an easy setup, Sundep is an absolute must-have.

Advantages of Sundep compared to classic growing 
Advantages of Sundep vs classic outdoor growing
  1. More than three runs per year: Efficiency increase through more yield

  2. Higher quality (more compact & firm fruit body)

  3. Adjustable to environment and conditions (balkony, patio, privacy shield...)

  4. Optimized use of sunbeams (reflective back panel)

  5. Harvest is protected against early autumn

  6. Autarkic 12h/12h rhythm

Advantages of Sundep vs classic indoor growing
  1. Full light spectrum (more vital, robust & strong plants)

  2. Natural weather (more vital, robust & strong plants)

  3. Usable for every genetic: clone your favourite as often as you want

  4. Low acquisition costs & coming soon: modular expandable

  5. Avoiding heat problems during the summer

  6. Avoiding noise caused by permanent ventilation

  7. Easy & fast setup

  8. Zero operating costs

Join the future of outdoor growing. What are you waiting for?

Overview of the Sundep features
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